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Project Credit List

Creation: Charlie Liu and the Liu Family
Planning: The Liu Family and Yasemin Watkins
Participants: Read about them here
Organizing: Charlie Liu and the Liu Family
Video Scripting: Yasemin Watkins, D2creative, the Liu Family
Video Editing: D2creative
Red Cross Connection: Yasemin Watkins
Website: The Liu Family
Promotion: Yasemin Watkins, All Project Participants and Families, D2creative
Haiti Photo: American Red Cross (Talia Frenkel)

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  1. Elin Kolev says:

    Dear family,
    I congratulate on the project you and would like to ask you whether I can help artist Ihnen as young or take part in Europe in your project. They can find more info from my home page. Further so!Many children help want!!
    Elin Kolev

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