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Charlie Liu, a well-known 9-year-old pianist from New Jersey, U.S.A., has been working on benefit events for children. After hearing about the devastating earthquake in Haiti, he immediately donated along with his family and started calling for more help through his Youtube channel and Twitter.

However, one person’s influence is limited. It didn’t take long for Charlie and his family to think of tapping into the vast talent pool they have become acquainted with through performances and internet for help! But how to get everyone from different countries involved? Charlie has performed on the Youtube Symphony Orchestra Carnegie Hall debut event in 2009 and was amazed at the global collaboration of musicians. So that’s it! We could host a virtual collaboration of the top pianists who are all too willing to help out the earthquake victims!

Within a day, a bold plan was formed – Charlie and family would invite a group of the top young musicians they know to perform the same beautiful and healing Chopin Nocturne. They would mobilize the people that are helping Charlie out on his “Children for Children” benefit event quest to do video scripting, digital editing, set up donation destination, … The group of talents would help spread the world through their collective influence and language.

Charlie started by inviting his great buddy, 11-year old world famous musician Marc Yu. It took no time to convince the busy world-traveling Marc to join. Another world-famous young musician and 2nd place winner of the prestigious Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, 14-year-old George Li joined in an instant. 14-year-old Lorenzo (Enzo) Medel, fresh off his 1st place win in Philippines National Competition for Young Artists Piano Category, joined without any questions. The very impressive list of young talents goes on (see details here)…

The group of volunteers that help Charlie’s charity endeavors signed on the new project to donate writing, professional editing, PR along with contacting Red Cross about our project, efforts. So in just a short few days, the “Young Artists for Haiti” project is born and the global collaboration kicked into full gear! Would you please consider helping out?

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  1. I couldn’t be prouder of my student Charlie putting his incredible talents to such a worthwhile cause and getting the support of so many other talented young pianists. I will be sure to let all my friends know about this most exciting and deserving project!

    Ingrid Clarfield

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